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    1. Try to find some activity, not only a job. And if the job takes 90% of your time, take its part with you to the park. Do not sit at home on weekends – exhibitions, concerts, cinemas and interest clubs will certainly help you find your love. Go to a cafe with friends – usually in such an environment people often smile and look happy – and a smile, as you know, is the best weapon.
    2. Let yourself to say “NO”. Of course, you can kindly give a chance to people who is not very interesting for you, but if you feel that the person is not yours, refuse to meet, say directly that you are nit created one for another. Do not rush to the first person in front – there are several billion women in the world, and one of them is sure to suit you.
    3. Evaluate your environment. Perhaps one of your friends pulls you down, adversely affects your sense of peace or you are simply not interested in each other anymore. It’s time to say goodbye to unnecessary people so that they do not drag you to where you will be uncomfortable. And by the way, this point is connected with the second tip – say “no” to everything that you do not like.
    4. Refuse stereotypes. They say that women who work as a model or TV presenter are the most feminine and pretty. But who said that there are no beautiful employee of a neighboring office, or an old friend a meeting with whom you always post pone?.. A beautiful appearance does not always mean that a person is suitable for you. Rely not on your eyes, but choose from the sensations that you feel while being near a person.
    5. Find the time for your friends. Even if you have a permanent partner, do not forget about your friends. Drink wine for conversations, relax with tea and cake, or maybe just relax in the bar. So you will not only feel like a happy person, but also increase the chances of meeting your love.

  1. Meet online. It is not always possible to overcome embarrassment and get acquainted in a cafe or club. In such situation dating clubs will help you. Do not limit yourself to one – open the rating of the best dating sites and go on the list – so the chances of finding your love will be much greater. By the way, it’s much easier to find out the interests of the prospective partner with help of the Internet – everything is written in the questionnaire.
  2. Demonstrate demand and popularity. Do not ignore other women who are familiar with you. Try not to neglect and talk with them. It would be nice, flirting with one girl, to show interest in another girl. Of course, in a strictly dosage measure, so as not to offend the girl you like. Such polite and competent behavior will certainly warm up the curiosity and interest of the girl to you. And this is the first, but very wide step to the conquest of her heart. And if the girl will do everything to show you that she is prettier, smarter and better than all the other girls, it will mean that she likes you.And it will also indicate that this girl is almost yours. And this “almost” should be eliminated by completely switching the initiative into your hands.

Most importantly – do not be discouraged. Do not close out from casual encounters and acquaintances, do not sit at home – your happiness can find you at any moment, and it’s better to be ready for it.